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Products for presenters to help add environmental magic to their presentations.

Environmental Magic Teaching DVD

Photo of teaching DVD
  • Taught by a professional magician with special expertise in teaching!
  • Makes magic easy to learn and perform effectively!
  • Produced in a professional studio with high production values!
  • You can do magic with this information!

Can you keep a secret? This 45 minute video by Kent Cummins teaches all six tricks in the Environmental Magic Kit, plus much more. It is NOT intended for public viewing! Kent is an award-winning magician and teacher, who has specialized in “Magic With a Message” throughout his long career.

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Fortune Telling Fish Teaching Kit

photo of a white plastic envelope with red fish design
  • Science meets pseudoscience!
  • Fortune telling meets magic!
  • Fun for all ages!
  • Educational and empowering!

Do you believe that people can tell fortunes? I don’t…but I know that FISH can! You may have had one of these cute paper fish novelties when you were a kid, but did you realize all of the ways they can be used in teaching? Kent Cummins has been consorting with Fortune telling Fish all of his life, and he has created a Teacher’s Guide for their use that makes them empowering and educational as well as FUN! The Teacher’s Guide plus one gross (144) of these amazing fish will make you a believer.

Price: $10.99

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Magic Light Bulb Trick

photo of light bulb with box
  • A bright idea!
  • Teaches how to sustain air quality!
  • Easy and fun to perform!

When this trick was invented, back in the 1950’s, it was called “The Atomic Lamp.” Easy to perform, this apparently ordinary incandescent light bulb can be illuminated by screwing it into your hand, or holding it over someone’s head (They are having a brilliant idea!). Then blow it out! Works incredibly well with the Magic Lamp Socket, sold separately.

Price: $13.99

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Photo of Slush Powder by Magic Hotline

Slush Powder Magic Trick

Photo of Slush Powder by Magic Hotline
  • Makes liquids apparently disappear!
  • Safe and easy to use!

This versatile powder uses science to create magic! Just like the powder that is in disposable diapers, this powder absorbs many times its weight in liquid, allowing you to apparently make water (or any other liquid) completely disappear. This is the perfect ending for the Magic Water Jug: after pouring out water again and again, the water apparently disappears (which is what will happen if we don’t conserve water now!) Each container provides enough powder for dozens of performances. Also included is a prepared plastic cup which works perfectly for making liquid disappear.

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