A cool (or is that warm) idea for reuse

by Chris Walden

Photo of solar heater, a plexiglas box filled with black soda cans on a rolling frame
Version 2 of the solar heater uses more cans. It’s portable and doesn’t look so bad.

Someone pointed me to this excellent project on Hemmings Daily called “almost free garage heat – just drink a lot of soda.” Daniel Strohl used soda cans with some wood and hosing to create a radiator for his garage. The sun heats the cans and exhausts warm air. He also made a second version with more cans, which transfers more heat.

These kinds of projects aren’t necessarily as shiny as some of the high-tech things we see commercially, but they give an idea of what is possible and how a little ingenuity can let you turn trash into treasure…and comfort!

About Chris Walden

Chris Walden is a multifaceted guy with a background in technology, writing, and theatrical production. He is the force behind Mythmade Productions in Austin, Texas and enjoys creating unique experiences for people that go beyond mere entertainment. He lives in Cedar Park with his wife, daughter and some number of cats. He is a regular correspondent for Saul Ravencrafts activities.

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