Renewable Energy Roundup in Belton

by Chris Walden

Chris and Kent at Renewable Energy Roundup & Sustainable Living Expo 2014

When Kent and I started our collaboration on Environmental Magic in 1994 we never imagined that it would keep us together for more than two decades. What an amazing journey! This weekend, as we attend and present at the Renewable Energy Roundup & Sustainable Living Expo 2014, it is still as exciting and filled with opportunities as when we began.

The interesting thing about sustainability (or “thrivability” as someone suggested to us…more on that at a later time) is that it isn’t just one thing. Needs and concerns have changed significantly since we began. Technology has evolved and things that were improbable have become reality. As all of these things change the stories change and the ways that we tell them change.

Kent and I will be telling our story of Teaching Environmental Magic (2:15 PM i the Red Speaking area). But we are also learning and connecting with all of the amazing people who do their part to help our society solve our environmental challenges.

We hope to see you there!

About Chris Walden

Chris Walden is a multifaceted guy with a background in technology, writing, and theatrical production. He is the force behind Mythmade Productions in Austin, Texas and enjoys creating unique experiences for people that go beyond mere entertainment. He lives in Cedar Park with his wife, daughter and some number of cats. He is a regular correspondent for Saul Ravencrafts activities.

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