Water Suspension Magic Trick

tube, glass, silk handkerchief and instructions included with the kit
  • Amazing magic with water!
  • Hard to explain, but easy to do!
  • Use any liquid!
  • See video demonstration at

This trick is NOT in the Environmental Magic Kit…but maybe it should be! The effect is simple yet stunning: a small plastic cup and tube are shown to be empty. But when liquid is poured into the tube, it remains suspended! Or did it disappear? A silk handkerchief can be pushed through the tube without getting wet…so where did the water go? To answer that question, the plastic cup is pushed through the tube…and it emerges full of water! Imagine the possibilities when discussing how our water supplies disappear during a drought…yet overwhelm us during a flood. Instructions and story ideas are included.

Price: $10.50

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Chris Walden is a multifaceted guy with a background in technology, writing, and theatrical production. He is the force behind Mythmade Productions in Austin, Texas and enjoys creating unique experiences for people that go beyond mere entertainment. He lives in Cedar Park with his wife, daughter and some number of cats. He is a regular correspondent for Saul Ravencrafts activities.

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